DH2013 Day 2 Recap Podcast

Ryan, Kim, Ken, and Doc come together to recap their experience at day 2 of DH2013. We talk about baseball games, newbie dinners, and extensive travel plans. If you’d like to be a special guest on our day 3 recap, you can find us in the lobby of Embassy Suites tomorrow during the morning break. […]

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Why is the DHMakerBus in Nebraska?

Team members from the DHMakerBus will be in Lincoln Nebraska all week attending the DH2013 conference. So just what does the DH in DHMakerBus and DH2013 stand for? It stands for “digital humanities.” What is digital humanities, you may ask. Well that’s a slightly more contentious question and one that will be asked again and […]

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DH2013 Day One Recap

In which Ryan Hunt, Kim Martin, and Ken Weston chat about their experiences during the first day of the DH 2013 conference. We’d love to talk to anyone interested in making, hacking, or the public humanities. If you are interested in being a guest on a future podcast, please email us at dhmakerbus@gmail.com. DH2013 Day […]

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