Why is the DHMakerBus in Nebraska?

Team members from the DHMakerBus will be in Lincoln Nebraska all week attending the DH2013 conference.

So just what does the DH in DHMakerBus and DH2013 stand for? It stands for “digital humanities.”

3D bus

What is digital humanities, you may ask. Well that’s a slightly more contentious question and one that will be asked again and again during the next week. In a nutshell digital humanities attempts to apply digital technology and/or digital media to the traditional humanities (i.e. history, literature, philosophy, etc).

The DHMakerBus, in addition to being a mobile maker/hacker space, is a public digital humanities project, something that hopes to engage all Londoners in digital humanities, sharing our academic passion with as many people as possible.

We find the digital humanities a truly exciting field of study and we hope to share our excitement with our community. What sets the DHMakerBus apart from other public digital humanities projects is that we are born from the community, not from the university. Community donations and support bought the bus and community donations and support will fuel the bus. We hope to be a conduit for communication between academic and non-academic audiences.

Too many people in London face barriers impeding their access to technology and education about technology.  Nearly 1 in 6 Canadians don’t have reliable access to the internet, something many of us take for-granted. Through our mobile education space we can bring technology, resources, and education to areas and groups that might otherwise face accessibility barriers.

If you see our team members at DH2013 this week, please talk to us about our project. We are here to represent London Ontario and to learn how we can better serve our community.

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