Gamification: why failure is educational

This is the PowerPoint from a talk I gave recently for the Literacy Link South Central annual general meeting. While much of this presentation won’t make a lot of sense without my accompanying talk, I thought I share it for anyone interested in glimpsing into our educational philosophy.

We at the DHMakerBus believe that failure can be a great tool for growing and learning. As educators it is our goal to create environment where students are empowered to take chance, make mistakes, and learning from those experiences.

Both gamification and maker culture can be used to encourage students to take risks, not by rewarding success and punishing failure, but by placing the emphasis on doing. We learn from doing – success and failure are merely outcomes.

Ryan Hunt


DHMakerBus Co-founder

N.B. I used hyperlinks to make this a non-linear PowerPoint. Unfortunately the hyperlinks aren’t recognized by SlideShare, making the order of the content somewhat confusing in this version.

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