MAKE London Bus Transformation Party

Transform MakerBusAt long last our school bus is ready to be transformed into the MakerBus – and we are inviting you to help!

Right now our bus is sitting at Alpine System Engineering, a cutting-edge car customization shop in South London, waiting for an army of volunteers to strip, sand, tweak, and paint it. Alpine Systems has graciously offered to provide labour and materials at cost, but we want to help them by providing as many volunteers as possible.

Currently our school bus needs to be lightly sanded, have its seats removed, have its interior stripped, and be sprayed with Plastidip (a cool rubberized paint we’re using instead of automotive paint). Paul Graham, the owner of Alpine Systems, will offer safety equipment and training for all volunteers.

If you’re interested helping with our transformation, or would like to learn more about car customization, we’d love your help! We want to make the bus transformation fun so we’re throwing a MAKE London Bus Transformation Party. Join us February 10th and 11th for a bus renovation pizza party at Alpine System Engineering.

If you want to help we’ve created a Google Doc with time-blocks for contributing to the transformation – sign up for a time and drop by. Click here to sign up.

Many hands make light work. We’ve been blown away by the community support we’ve received – together we can make an amazing community resource for London, Ontario.

-MakerBus team

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