MAKE London Designer Profile: RosellaResin

featuredshop_rosellaresin_handmade_ecofriendly_jewelry_resin_005RosellaResin is a partnership between two sisters, Jessica and Gwynne, who share a passion for making stunning and sustainable resin jewelry. They believe that nature is the greatest designer, so their work highlights the beauty of natural objects.

Using USDA-approved bio resins that use natural ingredients like pine oils, their accessories are both stunning and sustainable.

RosellaResin creates every mould themselves from high-grade silicon rubber. Once the moulds are formed they inlay natural objects, metal flakes, and colours, setting these objects with bio resin.

Once resin has cured for one week, the accessories are carefully sanded and polished using 15 grades of sandpaper.

RosellaResin has submitted several of their accessories to be walked down the runway at MAKE London. After the runway portion of the night, Jessica and Gwynne will be available to answer questions about their process and their art.

If you’re interested in how local makers are creating stunning works of art, attend the MAKE London Wearable Technology and Made Clothing Fashion Show, March 20th at Museum London. For more information, or to buy tickets, visit Museum London’s Website.

-Ryan Hunt

MakerBus Co-founder

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