ReMAKE, Reuse, Recycle


At the end of our Make University summer camp we received a very happy surprise from the parents of two of our campers. Brian Thom visited our website and noticed that we had a big list of supplies that we were looking for and donated a big awesome box of stuff to us!

In the big awesome box of stuff we found such treasures as a vacuum cleaner (perfect for making DIY hovercrafts), a number of hand tools (always useful), a dremel (a tool of infinite utility), and a partially dismantled digital camera (something that I’m sure will yield all sorts of interesting treasures).

We wanted to take a second to thank Brian Thom for everything he donated to us – we will do our best to put it to good use in London.

If you have anything kicking around your house that you would like to give a second life on the MakerBus, please have a look at our list of needed supplies. Or, if you have something awesome that you think we’d like that isn’t on our list, send us an email to

Currently MakerBus team member Ryan is busy in the planning stages of a building a custom Minecraft arcade cabinet. He’ll be using a Raspberry Pi computer that has been generously donated to us, but he’ll need a lot of carpentry equipment like plywood, wood stain, and wood glue. If you know of anyone who would like to donate some equipment to this project, please let us know.

Finally a massive thank you to everyone who helps support the MakerBus in our community and beyond – our bus truly runs on community support.

-MakerBus team

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