Reflections on the Summer Library Roadtrip 2014

Roadtrip thanksYesterday we made our 15th and final stop on our Summer Library Roadtrip 2014. For the past month we’ve been holding pop-up maker experiences and MakerBus visits in partnership with the London Public Library – bringing fun projects to every corner of our fair city.

The entire experience has been an extremely fun blur of people, projects, and great memories. This year the TD Summer Reading Program has selected “Eureka” as its theme, encouraging people across Ontario to build, create, and play. The London Public Libraries and Western Fair graciously invited the MakerBus to be part of London’s Summer Reading Program this year.

While the MakerBus has been around for nearly a year and a half, the actual MakerBus has only been up and running for about the past four months. Our Summer Library Roadtrip has been a great experience to not only try out some fun new projects, but also to see how people react to the idea of a classroom on wheels.

Even though the MakerBus is a long way from finished (though we may have an exciting announcement about the interior of the bus in this fall), people have really gotten on board (pun intended) with our project.

People just love buses. It’s amazing how many people, old and young, are so excited about transforming buses for new purposes. And if you’re one of the people who came out to see the MakerBus at your local library, I promise you this – what you’ve seen is only the beginning. We have grand plans for the MakerBus and it’s only getting cooler from here.

The entire MakerBus team would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made our Summer Roadtrip a reality. From our amazing partners at the London Public Library (there are way too many inspiring librarians to mention in this post) to our wonderful supporters at Western Fair – thank you for your trust and support.

Infinite thanks to the many people who volunteered their time helping us make the visits a reality – James, Herta, Tony, Sinead, and Alan you are all too amazing for words.

And finally thanks to our two extremely flexible drivers Paul Graham of Alpine Systems Engineering and Titus Ferguson of UnLondon – the bus would (literally) be nowhere without you.

The MakerBus team is having a fantastic summer sharing our project with the city – look for a busy fall full of maker fun. If you missed seeing the MakerBus or would like to show your support for expanding access to technology education in our city, the MakerBus will be at the Western Fair from September 4-15th showcasing a bunch of exciting projects – come #getonthebus!

The MakerBus team

-Ryan, Kim, and Beth

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