The Make-a-thon

On Sunday November 30th, the MakerBus team will be holding a year end event before going on hiatus for December and January to focus on developing our 2015 programming. Since it’s the last event we’ll be holding this year, we’re aiming big – Mythbuster big.

Join us for the Make-a-thon – a 24-hour live-streamed event and fundraiser. For 24 hours the MakerBus team and a rotation roster of friends, featuring some of London’s premier makers, inventors, and creatives, will be working on projects, creating new ideas, and generally having fun.

We’re doing this for two reasons – first, and most importantly, we’re trying to help a high school robotics team from Mother Teresa Catholic School raise enough money that they can attend the FIRST Robotics regional competition. We are looking for local sponsors and community support for this hard-working team of makers. All proceeds raised from the Make-a-thon will be evenly divided between sending this team to regionals and helping support the MakerBus’s 2015 programming.

The second reason is a long shot. Sunday November 30th the Mytherbusters will do doing a live-show in London at Budweiser Gardens. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are huge proponents of the maker movement (check out their maker and technology focused website, for example). Our goal is to get the Mythbusters to check out the Make-a-thon after they finish their show.

Let’s show the Mythbusters that London isn’t just another stop on a tour, but is one of Canada’s most creative, inventive, and amazing maker communities!

If you want to help attract the attention of the Mythbusters, you can tweet at Adam Savage (@donttrythis) and at Jamie Hyneman (@jamienotweet). It also might be worth tweeting at their website associate Will Smith (not that one) (@willsmith). Tell them about how awesome the maker culture in London is and that they should check out the Make-a-thon at 355 Clarence Street.

Together we can celebrate the creativity of London and show off our city to the world!

If you are interested in participating in the Make-a-thon, email us ( We’re looking for people to spend some or all of the 24 hours with us. If you’d like to support sending the high school team to the FIRST Robotics Competition or the MakerBus’s 2015 programming, visit our GoFundMe page.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Make-a-thon!

-The MakerBus team

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