Make-a-thon Preview: The MakerBike

Leading up to our 24-hour fundraiser in support of the Mother Teresa High School robotics team and the MakerBus, we are previewing some of the projects you’ll see during the Make-a-thon. Today we’re previewing MakerBus Co-Founder Ryan Hunt’s attempt to breath new life into an old bike.

Ryan writes:

“For the past year now I’ve had an old bike in my shed that I picked up at a garage sale. It needs a new chain and in the height of my busy-ness (aka laziness) this past summer, I never even attempted to fix it.

The more I think about this bike collecting dust in my shed, the more I want to use it for fun maker projects. One of my projects at the Make-a-thon is to transform this sadly unloved bike into an electronic music installation. Using a micro-processor called an Ototo, some tin foil and a lot of creativity, I’m going to wire the bike to play musical notes as I ride it.

Heck maybe if I still have some LEDs left over from my umbrella (or if I haven’t set the building on fire), I might add some lights to go with my music.”

If you want to see (or maybe even ride) Ryan’s MakerBus, come to the Make-a-thon, London’s longest continuous fundraiser in support of all that is creative. The Make-a-thon will run from 9 am November 30th to 9 am December 1st at 355 Clarence St. We’ll be streaming the event on Youtube, but if you’d like to join us to work on a creative project of your own, send us an email.

Also think about donating to the Make-a-thon. Proceeds go towards sending a high school robotics team to the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition and to supporting the 2015 programming on the MakerBus.


Twitter: @DHMakerBus

Facebook: /dhmakerbus

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