Make-a-thon Preview: Building a KitRex

Do you like dinosaurs?

How about origami?

If you said yes to these two questions, join us at the Make-a-thon and help us build a KitRex. KitRex is a highly successful Kickstarter project from earlier this year in which a college art student raised more than $100,000 to create kits to build 3ft. long paper-craft life-sized* velociraptors.

Our kit arrived last week and we’re looking forward to assembling it during the Make-a-thon. We’re thinking about saving the assembly until the wee hours of the morning, just to make sure that our motor skills are at an all time low when we attempt to put it together.

If you want help us assemble the KitRex, come to the Make-a-thon, London’s longest continuous fundraiser in support of all that is creative. The Make-a-thon will run from 9 am November 30th to 9 am December 1st at 355 Clarence St. We’ll be streaming the event on Youtube, but if you’d like to join us to work on a creative project of your own, send us an email.

Also think about donating to the Make-a-thon. Proceeds go towards sending a high school robotics team to the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition and to supporting the 2015 programming on the MakerBus.


Twitter: @DHMakerBus

Facebook: /dhmakerbus

*Fun fact: real velociraptors were no larger than a turkey.

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