Make-a-thon Preview: Calling all London businesses, organizations, and community supporters

On November 30th, the MakerBus team will be hosting a 24hr Make-a-thon at Vibrafusion, 355 Clarence St, in support of sending a local high school team from Mother Teresa Catholic School to the FIRST Robotics regional competition.


We will be splitting all funds raised from this event with the Robotics Team, who have already raised half of the required entry fee of $5000. In order to jumpstart the fundraising drive (we hope that much of the funds will come in during the Make-a-thon itself), we are reaching out to our community with the hopes of collectively raising $1000 to get things rolling.

In order to encourage sponsorship, the MakerBus team has put together a few prizes that can be claimed by the first to both pledge on GoFundMe and e-mail us stating the prize you are interested in:

GoFundMe page:


Also, any company or individual who donates at or above the $250 level (whether or not they are awarded a prize) can choose to be represented on the FIRST Robotics teams’ website and Robot during their competition!

5030935235_4f0d18f410_o copy

The prizes are:

  1.   Staff Team-Building Party with the MakerBus ($250)

The MakerBus team will come to your workplace for an afternoon of fun and making with several of our innovative gadgets. We’ll get your staff working together in ways that challenge the norm, and help build a fun and engaging working environment.

  1.   Three Hour Pop Maker Event ($250)

We’ll come to your library, school, or community event fully armed with the latest tech and ready to introduce you and your guests to the world of making!

  1.   One-on-One or Small Group 3D Printing workshop ($250)

For 2 hours, we’ll sit down with you and a small group of friends to discuss 3D printers, show how our 3D Printer works and give you some hands-on experience making scans and printing them. At the end of the session we will have made at least one full print of a group-member’s head!  We’ll also send folks home with some other small 3D printed goodies.

4.     Four tickets to a mystery MakerBus evening event ($250)

In the new year the MakerBus team is planning a super-secret event that will delight the senses and astound the mind. We’re offer four reserved tickets to this amazing top-secret event. Take a chance, trust us, it will #make you happy you did…


Please note: Awarded prizes can be redeemed at any time after January 31st, 2015, however scheduling should give the MakerBus team 2 weeks advance notice.

The Make-a-thon will run from 9 am November 30th to 9 am December 1st at 355 Clarence St. We’ll be streaming the event on Youtube, but if you’d like to join us to work on a creative project of your own, send us an email.

The MakerBus Team

Kim Martin, Ryan Hunt, and Beth Compton

Twitter: @DHMakerBus

Facebook: /dhmakerbus

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