5 “useful” items you can make with a 3D printer (reflections on sustainability and 3D printing)

3D printers have the potential to revolutionize nearly every aspect of modern life. Because of the tremendous potential of this technology, it’s not at all unusual for tech websites to write less-than-critical articles about the benefits of 3D printing. One article in particular inspired this blog post, 21 Useful Household Items You Can Make With […]

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Kitchen as Makerspace

 – A clean kitchen is a sign of a wasted life – There are all kinds of making. One of the most important, one that everyone does, is the making of food. From a simple box of KD or a peanut butter sandwich to a gourmet soup or roast dinner, humans make everyday: we make […]

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Designing a new MakerBus poster

We’re working on designing a new standing poster to bring to events. We’d love some feedback from our community about which design people like to the most. Have a look at some of the possibilities below and let us know what you think! Option 1: 90’s colour pallet Option 2: Schematic Diagrams Option 3: Comic […]

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