Huge thanks to everyone who supports making in #LdnOnt

It has been a busy (and totally amazing) few weeks for the MakerBus. We wanted to write a quick email and thank a bunch of different awesome people in our community who have given us their support in the past weeks. We’ve always said that the MakerBus runs on community support and we’ve received an outpouring of support recently.


We’d like to thank 3M Canada for their absolutely overwhelming in-kind donation last month. They’ve given us safety equipment, scissors, a laminator, and more Post-It Notes than we’ve ever seen in one place. We’re especially excited for our new safety equipment and look forward to putting it to good use in our maker camps and workshops for kids.



Over March Break we ran MakeDo cardboard creation workshops at three London Public Library branches. To run these workshops we needed a lot of cardboard. YoYo Yogurt Cafe was kind enough to save several weeks worth of cardboard to help us run our workshops.


The Dent Household was another fantastic cardboard donor. We’re always happy to help clean out someone’s garage of unwanted cardboard.

2015-03-19 14.59.05


As you may have heard, we received a $1000 Awesome London Grant to set a world record for creating the World’s Longest Human Circuit. This fall we’re going to bring together 2000 people to hold hands and smash the current record that was set in Texas. They may do things big in Texas, but we do things AWESOME in London.

We have a tentative date and location set and are waiting on final approval, stay tuned for an update soon.


We put out a call for donations of unwanted computers to help with upcoming digital literacy workshops. In one day we’ve had three people offer to give us unwanted, working laptops. If anyone in the London area has unwanted working laptops, we would be happy to put them to good use.


We’re working on renovating the interior of the MakerBus to make it even more awesome. If you have any unwanted tools or building supplies (wood, flooring, tables, monitors) we would deeply appreciate your support. Our goal is to unveil the new and improved MakerBus this June.

To see a list of needed equipment, check out our website.

As always we’re grateful for the support we receive from London – we’re going to have one amazing summer!

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-The MakerBus team

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