Top five littleBits projects

This week we’re highlighting a number of our favourite tools for maker-educators. We regularly receive questions from libraries and schools asking what tools they should buy and how best to use them. In this series of posts, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our favourite tools and looking at five great examples of how to use them.


littleBits are a series of snap together, magnetic circuits designed to make the rapid prototyping of electronics fast, easy, and fun. Using their system of modules you can add power sources, motors, lights, and sensors to you homemade electronic devices. Here are five of our favourite projects for getting started using littleBits.

1. Create a DIY crayon lathe using littleBits

2. Add EL wire to everyday items and make them glow

3. Combine littleBits and Google Cardboard to create an interactive VR experience

4. Make a robotic coffee stirrer

5. Automate your game of twister using littleBits

Keep in mind when planning littleBits projects that you might not have access to every module you need to complete a project. littleBits sells dozens of different modules designed to complete a variety of tasks. Before you get too excited about a project, check to make you that you already have the necessary parts.

Have you used littleBits in educational settings? We’d love to hear about your experiences.

-The MakerBus

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