Top Five MaKey MaKey projects

This week we’re highlighting a number of our favourite tools for maker-educators. We regularly receive questions from libraries and schools asking what tools they should buy and how best to use them. In this series of posts, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our favourite tools and looking at five great examples of how to use them.


The MaKey MaKey is a classic component of a maker education kit for good reason – it allows learners to quickly and easily turn anything that conducts electricity into an input for a computer. We’ve seen amazing projects created using the MaKey MaKey and hear are five great examples.

1. MaKey MaKey + Ukele 

2. MaKey MaKey as assistive technology

3. Piano gloves

4. The Star Spangled Banner lunch

5. Circle piano

If you’re interested in exploring cool MaKey MaKey projects, we really recommend you checking out the “projects” section of their website.

If you want to play a piano with more notes than the standard MaKey MaKey piano, check out our 8-note Scratch piano.

Have you used the MaKey MaKey in educational settings? We’d love to hear about your experiences.

-The MakerBus

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