Top Five Squishy Circuit Projects

This week we’re highlighting a number of our favourite tools for maker-educators. We regularly receive questions from libraries and schools asking what tools they should buy and how best to use them. In this series of posts, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our favourite tools and looking at five great examples of how to use them.


1. Building Squishy Circuits – Great post from the creators of Squishy Circuits giving an overview of the different types of circuits you can build. We especially like the squishy pig.

2. TED Talk – A link to AnnMarie Thomas’s TED talk where she discusses what inspired the creation of Squishy Circuits

3. Squishy Circuits in the Classroom – While most recipes for conductive dough require cooking, this blog discusses how sports drinks can be substituted for a no-cook dough.

4. Squishy Pigs – We’re suckers for a good squishy pig.

5. Squishy Crabs – This squishy crab is pretty neat, hopefully it inspires others to create squishy animals.

We’ll be testing recipes for gluten-free squishy circuits soon so stay tuned for the results of our test. If you have used squishy circuits in educational settings we’d love to hear about your results. Send us an email or leave a message on this blog post!

-The MakerBus

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