Reflections on creating Canada’s Longest Human Circuit

On September 26th, 704 people came together in downtown London to create Canada’s Longest Human Circuit. While we were 611 people short of breaking the World Record for the Longest Human Circuit (currently held in Sydney Australia with 1315 people), we were amazed to see that many people come out in our community to support a fun idea.

Now that a couple weeks have gone by, we wanted to write a quick blog post with reflecting on the event and thanking everyone who helped make it possible.

One question we’ve been getting time and again is, “Will you organize another World Record attempt?”

We believe in never saying never, but there are no immediate plans for a second World Record attempt. The MakerBus team is incredibly small and organizing an event of this magnitude took the majority of our attention for an entire month. Our first goal is to help people in our community access technology and education, and we’re looking forward to making this our full-time focus for a while.

We love the idea of bringing the community together to set a World Record. From the start it was critical that our World Record attempt be open to everyone in our community. While all previous instances of this event were set by schools (since they already have a large community that can be easily organized), we wanted to create a World Record that was open to any single person who believed in big, crazy ideas.


Speaking of supporting crazy ideas, we may not have created the World’s Longest Human Circuit, but we did create Canada’s Longest Human Circuit – and this is something to be really proud of. To help thank the 704 people who came out to create Canada’s Longest Human Circuit, we have created an officially unofficial Canadian Record Certificate.

If you want to show your friends how awesome you are, you can print a copy of this certificate and show that you were part of the longest human electrical circuit in Canada (click the picture below to link to a full size version of the certificate).

World Record Certificate
 Finally we’d like to thank the people who helped make this event a reality. There are dozens of people (if not hundreds), so if we miss anyone, please know that we are hugely thankful for your contributions.


  • Mayor Matt Brown for being our MC at the event.
  • The many London City Councillors who participated in Canada’s Longest Human Circuit
  • MPP Peggy Sattler for dropping by to support our event
  • Awesome London for being the first supporters of our idea
  • The London Heritage Council and London Arts Council for including us as a Doors Open London & Culture Days event and for making us the centrefold of their event guide
  • James Graham for being our technical wizard
  • Laura Briscoe and Oakridge Secondary for designing our event logo and coming out in force
  • Warpaint Media for being our official media sponsor
  • The London Free Press for giving us front-page coverage for our event
  • Our amazing core volunteers who are enthusiastic, patient, and constantly awesome
  • All of our node leaders
  • Mary Thomas-Compton for coming up from North Carolina to help us with our event
  • Bryan and Kristina for driving hours to help us (and extra thanks to Kristina for writing node numbers on 2000 bracelets by hand)
  • All of the media organizations who helped cover our event
  • Downtown London, the London Heritage Council, the London Arts Council, and My Dundas for being event sponsors
  • Matter Architectural Studios for designing our amazing new bus interior and helping us show it off during the event
  • …and the 704 awesome people who came out to create Canada’s Longest Human Circuit

While we may not have another World Record attempt on the horizon, the MakerBus will continue helping bringing access to technology and education to our community and, knowing our team, it won’t be too long until we come up with another crazy idea…

-The MakerBus team

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