Introducing our newest team member – Vida!

This is going to be a big year for the MakerBus and we’re starting off the year with a very exciting announcement – we have expanded our team! We were lucky enough to meet our new team member Vida shortly before the holidays last year and we are even luckier to have her joining our team as our new Outreach and Engagement Assistant.

We asked Vida to write a short blog post introducing herself to our community. Look for her at many of our upcoming MakerBus events in 2016!

-The MakerBus team

Photo courtesy of Madness Inspired Images, 2015.

I am grateful for my journey thus far, which has been very educational. I have learned much about teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking over the years as well as some trade specific skills in the hospitality, retail, food and entertainment industry. ‘A jack of all trades and a master of none,’ because there is always more to learn. My passion for continuous learning gives me purpose, and i get much joy from both learning from and sharing with others what I have learned.

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in the arts and sciences, and their effect on individuals within a community (humanities). I was introduced to MakerBus through a placement program with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) on the best day of my life! Kim, Ryan, and Tony had brought with them the 3D Printer, the MaKey MaKey, and the Audacity/SnowBall microphone combo. I knew little about these gadgets and softwares, but when I saw them in action, there were fireworks igniting in my brain. I could not contain my excitement!

At the end of the workshop I was hesitant to approach the team about a position due to circumstances, but with a little push from my job developer at the time (Tim), I was able to chase after the departing crew to present them with idea to allow me to join MakerBus as part of my placement. To my delight, the crew seemed interested and Kim explained the hiring process, giving me her contact information in order for me to formally apply. After a very relaxed, yet thorough interview, I patiently awaited a response. Safe to say it was a positive one!

I am extremely excited to be a part of the maker movement through MakerBus! I have had the pleasure of meeting most of the MakerBus team, and am thrilled to continue on to the next phase of my life with such an enthusiastic, positive, hardworking, and innovative group of people. I cannot wait to meet the rest of the team and to join them on the quest to make readily available the tools, motivation and encouragement that makers in our community require in order to let their ideas flow. Collaboratively we are able to work towards a brighter, more accepting, efficient, and sustainable future!

Some of the areas I want to explore this year are painting, writing, reading a few books, knitting, sewing, and hydroponic/outdoor gardening systems. I also want to work with circuitries and other electronic equipment to make different gadgets, familiarize myself with little bits, the makey makey,and other really cool gadgets!

I am a strong advocate for sustainability, efficiency, accessibility, and the environment, so I will be keeping these aspects in mind while making. Sounds like a lot but the year just started! Let us work together to make our dreams a reality! And while we’re at it….HAVE A TON OF FUN!!!!!!!!


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