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We’ve done a lot of weird, wonderful, and wild things at the MakerBus. From attempting to break World Records, to staying up all night to meet a Mythbuster, to building a life-sized cardboard bus in Detroit, we’ve made a lot of maker memories over the years.

In this past six months we’ve had two different publications come out from the MakerBus team, so we thought we’d use this blog post as a chance to remember some of our favourite publications from the past few years.

Disrupting Dichotomies: Mobilizing Digital Humanities with the MakerBus, in “Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities,” 2017.

In this academic book, published in the Fall of 2017, we explore a dichotomy as maker educators have noticed over the years – while we fully recognize that we are not experts in any one tool or technology, by teaching we are often regarded as experts. The MakerBus team met in grad school and two of its three co-founders work as academics, so this publication allowed our team to explore the MakerBus and the maker movement from a more theoretical level.

Mobile Makerspaces, in “The Makerspace Librarian’s Sourcebook,” 2017.

This book is an amazing resource for anyone interested in maker education or makerspace planning. We contributed a chapter reflecting on what it’s like to run a mobile makerspace and sharing some of our adventures from the road.

Where do we go from here? Innovative technologies and heritage engagement with the MakerBus, in “Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage,” 2017.

This article was primarily written by MakerBus Co-Founder and Archaeologist Beth Compton (with editing and feedback from Kim and Ryan). In it Beth explores how the DIY ethos of the maker movement and the mobilization method of the MakerBus could be applied to community engagement with archaeology.

How to Stock Your Makerspace for 100 Bucks or Less; Plus, an Essential Equipment List from the MakerBus Driver, in “Ed Surge,” 2016.

In this article MakerBus Co-Founder Ryan Hunt shares wisdom gained from years of running a mobile makerspace on the smallest of budgets. From cutting costs by buying in bulk, to the strategic ordering of technology, this article helps anyone to build an amazing makerspace on a budget.

Critical Thinking Means Finding Nuggets of Truth in Mountains of Misinformation, in “Ed Surge,” 2016.

This article explores the most important aspect of our educational philosophy – critical thinking. At the MakerBus we don’t identity with any single educational label – we’re not STEM, STEAM, or any one kind of educator. Our educational philosophy is founded on prompting critical engagement and critical thought. Read more about our educational philosophy in this article written by Ryan Hunt.

Maker Curriculum Modules, in partnership with Literacy Link South Central

We co-developed these 12 modules with an amazing organization called Literacy Link South Central. They are designed to engage adult leaners in literacy activities using different maker technologies like 3D printing, augmented reality, and macro photography.


These are just some of our most recent publications. As you may have seen on our Facebook Page, we will soon be launching an entirely redesigned website alongside some very exciting news. On our new website we will have a complete list of our publications and links allowing you to learn more about them.

To be the first to hear our BIG news, visit our new temporary website and sign up to join our mailing list.

-MakerBus Team

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