Play with your food: 3 cool maker projects you can try in your kitchen


As we’ve written before – kitchens are amazing makerspaces. If you’re looking some maker fun on a weekend, or during a Spring or Summer break, we highly recommend making time to experiment in your kitchen.

Here are three super cool, relatively accessible projects to try in your kitchen:

#MAKE Electricity Out of Fruits and Vegetables

With a few simple components (stuff that many people already have around the house), you can transform fruits and vegetables in batteries that generate their own power. If you want to get started with this experiment, check out:

Pumpkin Power! A Battery Made From Pumpkins

Five Ways to #MAKE an Awesome Jack-O-Lantern

#MAKE an Edible, Floating Helium Balloon

This is one of the coolest maker experiments we’ve seen in a while. To make your own edible, floating helium balloon as you need is an inexpensive tank of helium and a few common baking ingredients.

Paint with Bubbles

We love bubbles. Bubble painting is a simple home project that is perfect for a variety of ages (it’s especially great to engaged mixed-aged groups of kids).


For a great walk through of how to paint with bubbles, visit the Artful Kids Blog.

What are your favourite things to #MAKE in the kitchen? Share your wisdom in the comments. We’d love to hear about your experiences. Also, follow us on social media (Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Youtube) for the latest maker movement news, tips, and tutorials – let us help you create fun-conventional learning opportunities!

-Ryan Hunt, MakerBus Co-Founder

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