Top 6 maker movement bicycle projects for a cool summer

Here at the MakerBus we’ve been wanting to work on a cool maker movement bicycle project for a while – here are 6 awesome summer projects we found while researching our own bike transformation project.

Transforming a bicycle into a custom t-shirt art maker

If you’re going to build a cool maker bike, why not have it create something entirely unique like this t-shirt art making bike? A bike like this would be great to bring to summer festivals and pop-up maker workshops.

Building a portable work bench for your bike

This bike would lend itself well to being a pedal-powered makerspace. The fold-out work bench on the back on the bike would be perfect for any number of maker projects.

Mobile bicycle art gallery

I love this bike. The idea of a mobile art gallery fascinates me and seems like a great way to engage new communities in art. Galleries depend on people coming to visit, this bike transforms that traditional paradigm and brings art to people. Brilliant!

DIY Moving Rim Lights

I love lights.

Amphibious Bike 

Make a truly all-terrane bike with this DIY amphibious bike. I’ve always thought the idea of creating a DIY sea-faring vessel would be a really fun activity. There are so many great ways to build a DIY boat and the mishaps involved are always entertaining.

Do you have any summer bike making plans? If you do we’d love to hear about them.  Share your brilliant ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear about your experiences. Also, follow us on social media (Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Youtube) for the latest maker movement news, tips, and tutorials – let us help you create fun-conventional learning opportunities!

-Ryan Hunt, MakerBus Co-Founder

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