Even more fun maker movement Valentine’s Day ideas

Note: This is a follow-up article to a list we published in 2016 called Five Fun Maker Valentine’s Day IdeasWe encourage you to check out that list as well (especially the tutorial for creating LED clouds).

We believe that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus on creating rather than consuming. Show the special people in your life just how much you care by making something uniquely unforgettable. We’ve compiled a list of five fun and affordable Valentine’s Day maker projects. If you end up making one of these projects, share your results on our Facebook Page!

String Art:


Who doesn’t love a project that involves hammering your frustrations out? We love this project for two reasons, it’s extremely easy to find the materials (many may already have them in their homes) and it’s genuinely fun. Think of a pattern you’d like to create, trace that pattern onto a piece of wood, hammer nails to create the outline of the pattern, and loop yarn around the nails to fill it in. Check out the following link to find a great string art tutorial.

Newspaper Ring:

From: Instructables – https://www.instructables.com/id/Newspaper-valentines-ring/

This is another interesting, new maker project, one that we’ve not seen before. Using CA glue (short for Cyanoacrylate glue) and an old newspaper, you can make a stylish ring. The text you select could make this ring truly meaningful for your special someone. Lot’s of room for creativity here.

Circuit Valentine Cards:

From: Left Brain Craft – https://leftbraincraftbrain.com/light-circuit-valentines/

If you’re looking for a STEAM Valentine’s Day project, these light-up circuit cards are a fantastic idea. The tutorial calls for purchasing conductive paint, but we recommend giving our DIY conductive paint recipe a try: https://makerbus.blog/2015/03/10/how-to-make-homemade-conductive-paint/ 

Chocolate Mousse:

brown round table decor
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. While you can’t go wrong with virtually any chocolate mousse recipe, we recommend checking out Chef John at FoodWishes.com if you’re ever in need of culinary inspiration.

Recycled Crayons:

From Red Ted Art: https://www.redtedart.com/recycled-crayons-valentines-gifts-kids/

Our final idea is a recycling project. Almost everyone has nubs of well-used crayons at home, this tutorial allows you to recycle those crayon nubs into a fun craft that extends their use. This is also a great year-around project because you can mould the crayons into whatever shape(s) you’d like!

Just because there’s less than one week remaining until Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a clichéd gift idea. Use your creativity and #MAKE an unforgettable Valentine’s Day

Do your Valentine’s Day plans include any maker projects? Let us know how you’re planning on #making Valentine’s Day special.

-The MakerBus



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