Despite recent innovations that have lead to widespread internet use, a revolution in gaming, gadgets, and computers, many people in the London area do not have access to these technologies.

The DHMakerBus team aims to change that: by taking a used school bus and transforming it into a technology classroom on wheels! In Spring of 2013, the London community supported our team on the funding platform Indiegogo allowing us to buy a used 32-seat school bus. After some mechanical fixings, the bus is ready for the road, and is collecting all the gear it needs to be a mobile maker’s dream!

What’s a maker, you ask? It is, quite literally, “someone who makes something”. The maker movement encompasses many people: from people who use laser cutters and 3D printers to make their imaginations come alive, to people who upcycle used materials into jewelry and home decor, and even people that work with micro-computers to build interactive robots.

The DHMakerBus will show Londoners that everyone can be a maker, by providing them with the space, tools, and support to get things done!

Make a difference – #getonthebus

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