Speaking Engagements

Beth Compton, Kim Martin, and Ryan Hunt have a range of educational experience that includes work in public schools, post-secondary education, to charities and non-profits. We are excited to help your organization or community plan events that inspire, challenge, and excite.

Our interests include:

  • Making culture and education
  • Makerspaces in libraries
  • Gamification
  • Democratizing technology and mobilizing knowledge
  • Art, craft, and design
  • Digital humanities and the future of learning
  • Digital literacy
  • Cultural heritage management and the maker movement
  • The use of digital tools for preservation of texts and objects
  • Co-working, crowd-funding, and collaboration

Contact us:

If you’d like to reach us to discuss how we can help you with your event, give us a shout – we hope to make your event a success.

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