Our team

Beth Website PicturesBeth Compton – Beth is an Archaeology PhD student at Western University. Her research examines how more people can be involved in the archaeological process through inclusive technology. Beth is interested in how technology can be used for new forms of artistic expression.

Kim Website PicturesKimberley Martin – Kim is a PhD candidate in Library and Information Science at the Western University.  Her research interests include the use of Ebooks by Humanist Scholars, the role of serendipity in the research process, and the information habits of Digital Humanists. Her academic background is in the areas of English Literature and History, and she is working to keep an interdisciplinary approach throughout her doctoral work by participating in the growing world of the DigitalHumanities.

Ryan Website PicturesRyan Hunt – Ryan holds a BA from the University of Victoria and a MA from the University of York (UK). He specializes in using technology for public engagement and education. Ryan works as an instructor with the Continuing Studies Department of the Western University, teaching a course entitled “Teaching with Technology.” In addition, Ryan is a co-founder of the DHMakerBus project, a project building Canada’s first mobile digital humanities and making education centre. The DHMakerBus advocates access to technology and education in London, working with community partners like UnLondon, Literacy Link South Central, and Tech Alliance. To connect with Ryan follow him on twitter (@Ryan__Hunt).

james-website-pictureJames Graham – James holds a BSc in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University. He is currently the technical expert for the DHMakerBus team. His current interests include multicopters, nixie tube clocks, lasers, and anything related to electronics.

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