MakeU at DHSI: Days 1 and 2

In our first few days together at UVic, the MakeU campers have had some really amazing experiences. We’ve made noodles from Gatorade, built brush-bots, disassembled DVD players, and played PacMan using bananas and Makey Makeys, all with time to spare to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. As Eurekamp! is focused on the Philosophy for Children program, we’ve also had some fabulous community discussions looking at questions such as: “What is a Maker?”, “Why is it fun to take things apart?”, and “What do Robots look like?”

Take a quick look at the campers’ favourite parts (so far!) in the video above and images below. And be sure to follow along on Twitter at @dhmakerbus or #MakeU.

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