Make-a-thon Preview: 3D Print-a-palooza

One piece of technology that always gets people asking questions is our 3D printer. At the Make-a-thon, our 24-hour fundraiser in support of the Mother Teresa High School robotics team and the MakerBus, we’ll be offering 3D printing demonstrations and mini workshops for 24 straight hours.

If you’d like to learn more about how 3D printers work, or possible applications for 3D printers in our society, drop by 355 Clarence St. and join us in a hands-on demonstration. At the MakerBus we’re dedicated to providing Londoners with access to and education about emerging technologies. The Make-a-thon is giving us an opportunity to do just that.

The MakerBus is entirely dependent upon community donations. We receive no grant funding or corporate sponsorship. We are able to offer free hands-on experiences like this because of the hard, dedicated work of our volunteer team. By making a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign, you’re not only helping to send local high school students to a robotics competition, you’re insuring that the MakerBus can continue to operate in the coming year.

Every dollar we receive makes a world of difference.

The Make-a-thon will run from 9 am November 30th to 9 am December 1st at 355 Clarence St. We’ll be streaming the event on Youtube, but if you’d like to join us to work on a creative project of your own, send us an email.

Please think about donating to the Make-a-thon. Proceeds go towards sending a high school robotics team to the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition and to supporting the 2015 programming on the MakerBus.


Twitter: @DHMakerBus

Facebook: /dhmakerbus

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